Trip to the Dentist!

I had a teeth cleaning today at my favorite dentists, DR O.

I LOVE everyone there they are super nice! They even put a nice warm blanket on me while they are working on my teeth.

I feel really comfortable there.

After my teeth were clean, i got a goody bag! In it was a toothbrush, paste, floss and mouthwash.


I Had to pee in a cup, but instead, I used warm apple juice!!!~

In the psych ward, me and Jillian got into a lot of trouble!

we would throw butter packets at the walls so they would stick.

I pierced Jill’s bellybutton with a paperclip.

I had to pee in a cup once every few days and once i supplemented it with warm apple juice!

On Easter, Jill and i blew up marshmallow peeps in the microwave.

I would draw pictures on Jill’s back with a sharpy, over and over so it would last.

They staff had enough of our attitude. So they separated us and were sent to our rooms.

But you gotta get into a little harmless trouble when u are locked up, its hard having no freedom.

I needed a break from voices, therapy and medication. I just wanted to have a little fun!! 😀


I sat there on my stripped bed. My walls were bare, the AC was on, the only noise in the room.

I looked down at an ant carrying a Doritos crumb. I felt bad for him.

I glanced at the clock on the wall behind bars. It was 5:46 am. I was the only one awake.

I was getting discharged today, at 10:00. I was beyond ready! My bags were packed, my room was clean, i had on fresh clothes and makeup.

I kicked my feet back and forth making a pattern. The pattern got more intense as i started a beat with my hands slapping my knee.

Soon i was into a total rock concert!! I started to laugh, i was in a great mood.

I had been in this psych ward for 9 days. 9 days too long.

I sat there entertained by the spirits outside my window. The sun was now shining. It was 8:00 am.

I climbed off of bed and went to get my meds. Then i got my breakfast tray and brought it to my room. I never eat with the other patients.

I ate quickly, returned the tray and called my Mom on the phone.

She was super excited to have me home, my whole family was.

Soon it was 10!!! My Step Dad walked through the locked doors. i raced to give him a hug.

“IM GOING HOME!” i cheered. He chuckled.

we signed paperwork and with in 20 minutes, i Was FREE!!

Appointment with the Nutritionist

I went to my first session with my new Nutritionist. It went really well.

we made a goal plan: Exercise 45-60 minutes a day, 8 glasses of water a day, and go out to eat once a week at Max.

She showed me how big portions are and how big servings are. My goal for now, is to lose 20 lbs. After i lose the first 20 lbs, i will make a goal for more weight to lose. I just dont want to be overwhelmed so i am starting small.

I am excited to start a new journey and lose some weight! I cant wait to reach the 20 lb lost mark!