Does a broken bone TRUMP Hallucinating In the ER?

I think they need more space in ER’s. I have talked about this before. Which is more urgent? A person with a broken bone, or a person having a psychotic episode?

You would probably say the person with a broken bone trumps hallucinating.

I dis agree.

The last two times i was brought to the ER for hearing voices and such, i didn’t even get a room. I Was on a stretcher in a narrow hall.

My step Dad was trying to control me with no help.

I knew what was going on, but i couldn’t stop!

My hands were not mine and i begged them to cut off my hands. They kinda ignored me.

After an hour of screaming and hallucinating, the on site shrink came to talk to me. He didn’t seem to care what i had to say. He just told me there was a bed open for me in the psych ward.

He didn’t even talk to me. IF he did, he would know, i didn’t need to go to the psych ward.. I just needed meds and someone to talk to.

Anyways. There should be more beds open in ER’s. That’s my point.


BAD images in my EYELIDS!

I was moving too slow. I felt like my legs weighed 100 lbs each. There were bubbles all over the floor. There was a hole in the ground that i couldnt get around. I stood on the tips of my toes and gravitated around it.

The room was unlevel as i walked to the nurses station. I felt drunk.

I couldnt make it to the station. I crumbled up on the floor. My heart was racing.

“Help” I tried to speak. It came out slurred.

Finally which seemed like years, the staff found me. They took my blood pressure and pulse.

It was very high. They asked me if i took something.

Of course i didnt!

It was the stupid meds they gave me! They basically carried me back to my room. I saw dragons.

I was super scared. They didnt restrain me, they tucked me into bed and Megan sat with me for awhile. I tried to shut my eyes, but there were bad images in my eyelids.

I started to cry.

She sang me a song. It was so nice of her. In about 15 minutes i fell asleep.

  • *

I woke up, it was dark outside. I climbed out of bed. I was feeling MUCH better!

i went to find Megan to thank her, but her shift was over.

I went to the art room and made Megan a name sign. The staff said they would give it to her.

I got discharged 4 days later but never saw Megan again…


They OVER medicated ME!~

They over medicated me.

I was in my step Dad’s car on the way to the ER. I was having a BAD day. Voices, cutting and hallucinating.

Earlier that day i had an apt with my Dr. I had a panic attack so she decided I should take a PRN.

It did not work. Mom talked to my shrink and she said to take another.

No luck.

It had been a couple hours but no change. So they decided to bring me to the ER themselves.

By then the meds kicked in. I saw my Dad’s wife’s face. I stroke it softly. My eyes would not stay open and my heart was racing.

I slumped over and fell asleep.

I felt like i overdosed.

Scary, scary, scary!!

I could feel bruises forming from being RESTRAINT!!

First i was in the ambulance hallucinating and seeing dead people on the roof. I tried to undo the straps that kept me in place. I was so out of it, my fingers didnt work. I cried harder.

It seems like one second i was home crying and hyperventilating and 2 seconds later they were rolling me in a stretcher into the ER.

There were NO rooms in the ER. So i was stuck on a stretcher in the corner of nowhere. Things were still bad. I felt my hands were not mine and i used my nails to cut off my wrists! I wanted my own hands back.

They felt i was unsafe, maybe i was idk. Three big, scary men picked me up off the stretcher and sat me roughly into a restraint chair. My first restraint.

I struggled to be free but they were too strong. They strapped me in and pulled the belts tight.

I could feel bruises forming on my arms and legs. I was sweaty, so sweaty.

I screamed for someone to cut my arms off! Nobody paid any attention. I was faced in the corner.

After i calmed down, they gave me a shot. I dont remember anything after that.

10 days: NO VOICES!!!!

Have you ever cried SO hard, you couldnt breathe. Your head pounds. Your eyes are swollen…

everytime things get tough here at home, and when MOm calls 911, i am too far out there that i have no choice but to go to the ER to get the shot.

i cry SO hard and tell the nurses my head is pounding. They take forever to get me a tylonal.

I cant stop crying, i am struggling with too much at once!

Voices! Hallucinating! POUNDING HEAD.

I know Mom has to call the EMTS when i am having a hard time, so i dont blame her…but i wish my episodes would not be as severe as they have been in the past.

BUT> i am on day 10….10 days with out voices!!! 😀 !!!!

I have issues, sorry.

I had an awkward visit with a therapist in the past. It was my first session. The first thing i asked her was to keep the door open 5 inches.


Why do they have to ask, im in therapy doesnt that tell you i have issues?

anyways, she did leave the door open.

I sat on the couch facing her. She had a notebook. I really dont like therapists writing about me when i cant read it.

She asked me my diagnosis and address

“OCD, Anxiety and Schizophrenia” i said. I looked around the room.

“What are you seeing?” SHe asked me.


“Nothing” I said immediately.

Truth was, i was seeing Cereal. He appears at the worst moments.

My therapist asked my address 5 times! I dont know why!

Was she testing me? I am not stupid.

I felt really uncomfortable, so i never went back.

Then i got a new therapist who was not the greatest. I was happy when she left and i got yet another therapist.

This one i loved! She was smart and professional.


Then she left.

I am back to square one.. i start with another new therapist in 2 weeks. Hope she’s good.

Is it obvious to others when I HALLUCINATE!?

Is it obvious to others when i hallucinate? I have never seen anyone hallucinate. I thought i hid it well, but seems like my parents, the nurses on the psych wards and friends can always tell!
Its a little embarrassing. I know i shouldnt be embarrassed, but I dont like being different from others.

I hear things. I hear voices, i hear trash trucks. I see words and people and Cereal.
I count lights, commercials, guard rails, raisins, dust particles and more.

When i was first diagnosed with schizophrenia, my DAd would put ice on my hands to calm me down. The nurses at the psych ward gave him that idea.

My Mom is good at calming me down, but sometimes its out of her hands and she has to call 911.

I can feel when a psychotic episode is coming on…I start to cry first. then i get nervous. then i get my Mom. I see things on the walls. ET< Pokemon, ants, spiders, nails, bubbles…..

She gives me a pill and usually it helps. But sometimes its too late, i am too far gone. That, is when i end up in the psych ward.