“There is no baby DYING!” ~

I was in therapy with MA. I was having a hard time. Cereal was on the wall distracting me from MA. My eyes read Cereal front and back 6 times.

I changed seats 8 times. MA had to shift her seat to look at me.

“What’s that?” I asked her. I listened carefully.

“A baby dying” i whispered.

MA gave me a look. “There is no baby dying”

I knew there was. i heard footsteps.

“Lock the door” i said quietly.

“Your ok” MA sighed.

But i wasnt. I moved the chair in front of the door and plopped myself down. The room was silent. Not one voice.

The session ended. I raced out the door out the main door to the car my Uncle was waiting for me.

I saw a young Mom pushing a baby in a pink stroller. I knew it was THEE baby. I predicted she would die. today. i can predict things.


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