Using a Catheter!!!

I couldnt reach his hand. I had no clue who he was, or where i was. I tried to sit up in a bed that was not mine. I couldnt. I remembered getting a shot in my arm. I looked over at the bandied.

I Couldnt speak, my legs were super heavy. I mumbled myself. My eyes rolled back. I slumped over and fell back to sleep.

After awhile, i woke up again. I felt less drowsy and i could talk. A nurse told me i was in ICU.

I had to pee. So she helped me to the bathroom but nothing came out. So they had to put a catheter in my bladder.

It was weird, i felt the bag fill up.

BUt my parents were nowhere in sight. The nurse took my blood pressure. A sitter came in and brushed my hair. It was all snarly and tangled.

It felt good. But i was still confused. I remember getting to the ER the night before. being restraint and getting a shot.

I was only in the ICU because there were no beds in the psych ward.

When i was stable, they admitted me into the psych ward.

I felt like i was dreaming!


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