Old Journal: Needles in the Eye!~

I found an old journal from when i was 16. The same year i was diagnosed with schizophrenia. It was so hard to read, i was in so much pain!

I wrote i was in Waltham Behavioral Psych Ward and I was scared, i just wanted to go home.

“I got in trouble today for cutting. They locked me up in a room as a punishment, but that made it worse”

“Jillian is my roommate and she never bathes, the room stinks”

“Ella gives me M&Ms every night to go with my pills, it makes me happy”

“I miss my family, SO much! I JUST WANNA GO HOME!”

The journal went on with the meds i was on and pictures i drew. They were not happy pictures, they were needles in the eye and knifes in throats.

I have come such a far way and i plan on never being admitted, ever, again! xo ❤


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