Its amazing what music DOES for ME!~

Its amazing what music does to me! If i am in a bad mood, i listen and it cheers me up, well certain songs.

Like White Houses by Vanessa Carlton. I listened to that song OVER and OVER on the way to my very first psych ward. Every time i listen to it, I feel good, a little sad, but good.

The other day i was having a hard night. I cried for hours and had urges to cut.

So i put on Let Her Go by passenger, then Last Words and I lay down.

In about 10 minutes i was fine, i didnt CUT!

I was strong. Music really helps me stay safe. I like all sorts of music

Mostly hip hop, and country.

BUt seriously, music saved my life, if i didnt have it to use to cope, I could have hurt myself or even died, when feeling depressed.


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