Im the boss! NOT the voices!!

I had therapy today, it went really well, because, we actually got something accomplished. Something BIG.

I have issues with the voices, particularity Michelle and Jack, in my head. My issue, was that i was listening to both of them, and, my OWN mind… It was very busy and i was getting upset.

MA told me, I can actually, pick what i want to listen to, i am in charge, me.

Not Michelle, Not Jack, Not Cereal, Not Sari, Not Peter. Me.

Sometimes i lay in bed feeling like i am stuck in the middle. One voices is telling me to do one thing and another voice telling me to do something else!

Its not fair.

BUT, i have the power to listen to whatever i want to.

Thats what me and MA resolved and i am feeling so much gooder!!


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