Counting, is like, my life.

I have been counting more then usual. About a year ago, the counting was BAD. Then it got gooder. Then it almost stopped. Now it started again, but its not BAD, just annoying.

I am writing my stories with the TV on in the background, a Cover Girl mascara commercial comes on. My eyes are drawn to the commercial and i cant blink for 23 seconds. By then the commercial is almost over, i blink and i gain a point.

I save my points for when i really need them. Like if i have a headache, i use the point/wish to get rid of it. Sometimes it doesnt work, but i wont give up.

I also take a section of my hair and try to count to 23 strands.

23 is a very important number for me, it always has been, not sure why.

My life, is based around that number.

I take 23 steps outside till i reach the next mailbox. I hold my breath and count to 23 to the next one.

This isnt an EVERY day thing. Some days i am blessed and dont count at all, those days, are my favorite.


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