The clock tics, “tic, tock, tic tock” The faucet drips, “Drip drop, drip, drop” The fan whirs and the AC moans.

I lay in bed, it was 3:03 am and i couldn’t sleep. too much noise, even in my head. I tossed, i turned.

Everything was too loud, i covered my ears with my hands.

“Big blue bus!!” I said 23 times, trying to stop the noises.

I uncovered my ears. It didnt work, the noises got louder and louder.

“BIG BLUE BUS!” I shouted over the noise.

I sat up grabbed my trusty nail scissors and started to slice my belly. As the blood came to surface, the sounds and noises started to calm down!

I threw the scissors across the room, i felt terrible. i had promised myself i would never cut again!!

Now i was bleeding.

I started to cry. i felt confused!

So i grabbed my mug and ran my fingers over the textures. In no time i felt gooder!

I fell asleep and everything was okay.



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