I punched the EMT!~!

I lay  in the back of the ambulance off to the ER. My Mom and Dad were not with me and i was scared!

I cant remember everything of that night, i may have blacked out, not sure. But, i do remember being strapped down the the stretcher.

I was hallucinating like crazy. I saw dead people in the overhead lights.

I heard a man named Sam screaming at me. I rocked back and forth trying to loosen the straps.

when the EMT went to adjust the belts, i punched him.

“Dont hit me” he said.

I couldnt help it.

Some how, 30 minutes later, i was now in the restraint chair in the ER. I dont remember how i got from the ambulance to the restraint chair. I was too out of it.

I sat there struggling to get free for a LONG time. They finally gave me the shot and i slumped over. i was too drugged.

They moved me into a bed and the nice nurse gave me a warm, heated blanket. All the sudden i saw my DAd and Step DAd. i dont know how long they had been there.

i started to cry. i felt bad and selfish.

I was humiliated.

It was a terrible day.


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