Throwing up and cutting, habits i have developed at psych wards~

I go into a psych ward with my own issues, only to pick up MORE issues when i am admitted.

Arbor Fuller, i met a girl named Chelsea, who cut. SHarps were not allowed on the ward, they even took the staples out of magazines. But she found things to use to cut.

It interested me. cutting.

so i tried it. It felt, amazing.

Jill and I used pens to make tattoos on our arms.  We would press it hard, it would stay for a long time.

ALice, my roommate had bulimia. She would throw up after every meal. I started to also.

we got caught and couldn’t use the bathroom for 2 hours after meals.

SO Alice and i would throw up our meals into styrophone cups and hide them under beds, it stunk.

ONe day, ALice got caught and i thought it was hilarious. i dont know why, i mean, she was my friend.

I laughed so hard, i peed my pants. i felt so bad.

A girl at the psych ward, would punch her self to make bruises. I took up that habit too.

Psych wards are suppose to be a safe environment and i guess they are, but you can also leave worse off then you came..




One thought on “Throwing up and cutting, habits i have developed at psych wards~

  1. Daniel Peterson says:

    Crazy breeds more crazy in those places. A girl I knew would strip and walk naked until staff would catch her. Of course, the incessant complaining never helped anybody, either. One lady screaming pretty every day for whoever was near her to stop exploding her brain. Or staff.

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