They thought I was missing, but i wasnt.

I used to be tiny. i was 98 lbs at the age of 16. I went into my first psych ward when i was 16 too. I was so little, that i sat in the corner in a ball and they couldn’t find me!

I heard them searching for me.

“She’s not in her room” i heard.


I started to sob and soon they found me.

they felt bad for me, i could tell.

I was having issues with cutting, hallucinating and throwing up after meals at that point.

I was locked in Westwood Lodge for 9 days, in patient and 1 month  out patient.

I hated my life those days and didn’t know how to ask for help. SO i made a little paper man and tied a string around his neck. I hung him up. It was found, and i got in trouble.



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