I am not to be blamed for stabbing.

I was very nervous today. i woke up that way at 2:30 am. I was seeing shadows and hearing a voice, chant my name, over and over. I kept thinking it was my mom. i went down THREE times to check on her..she was sound asleep.

I turned on the water of my sink, as hot as it could and ran my hands under it. It HURT, but felt GREAT!

my hands were bright red.

Next thing i was nervous about, was my fingerprints.

I used a knife to spread my PB on bread. I had to wash the knife’s handle because i didnt want the police to blame me if someone was stabbed with it.

I didnt want to leave my Mom today. I was nervous i would never see her again.

BUt i went to lunch, i was okay.

Then we went to Marshall’s. I had bad feelings i was being watched, I think i looked on the camera guilty. but i wasn’t, i dont steal.

i finally got home and i feel gooder!!


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