Therapy Helps. A lot.

I really enjoy therapy. I didnt always. BUt now that i found the perfect therapist, i love going!
MA Is super nice. We talk about everything from hearing voices, cutting, relationship advice and more.
I love having 45 minutes to talk about WHATEVER i want.

I feel safe there in her office.

i dont always feel safe in the waiting room, there are some scary people there.

I hold my cell phone in case i need to call 911.

I have had TONS of therapists in my life since I was 7:

Karen, Beth, Danielle, Stacy, Sue, Marianne…SO Many!

I have improved in therapy a LOT. i went from a SHY 7 year old, to a rebellious teenager that couldn’t look authority in the eye.

Now i am 28 and a lot more mature.

I dont think people can read my thoughts in my head when they look me in the eye. i feel therapy really helps me out.



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