I made my own bruises!!

I was locked in the closet. Nobody was around. I banged on the door screaming to “Let me out!!” The walls enclosed me. I had no air to breathe. I fell to my knees hitting my chin on an umbrella. It hurt and tears came to my eyes. I was scared i would be locked in there FOREVER!

I started to sob. I turned the handle once more, and it opened!

I stepped into the light. The room was silent. I looked around, my eyes adjusting to the sun through the windows.


I opened the front door and looked out. WalMart is directly across the street from my house. I watched a man burying trash under the ground. I smiled so hard it hurt.

“LALALA!” I shouted. He looked up and I ducked inside the house.

I put my arm in my mouth and sucked the blood through my skin. In result there was a dark bruise. i fell in love with that bruise. i wanted more. So i sucked my arms over and over. Soon my whole arm was full of bruises. i went to my room and went under the blankets. I repeated to myself over and over: “The meat will catch the sun” 23 times.

I put lotion on my arms. the bruises had already faded a little. i was glad. i wasnt proud of what i did.

My Dad got home then and asked about my arms.

I told him the truth, no point in lying.

Sad. So sad i felt. I am not sure why, but that first bruise was a milestone for me!!


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