Therapy Session NO DRUGS!!!

I remember one session of therapy with my old therapist Stacey. I was extremely hyper due to my new medications. She thought i was on drugs, like everyone else thought. (i have never done drugs btw)

I couldn’t stop moving. I stood up, sat down, changed seats, shook my leg and waved my arms.

During that session, we talked about hearing voices.

At the time, i thought i had powers. I predicted she was having a girl when she told me she was pregnant.

Also at the time, i was scared to look her in the eye, because i feared she could read my mind.

She and i played games like we always did, which i hated.

I showed her a picture of a flower that i would talk to on a daily basis.

she suggested i rip the flower up. so i did. I felt SO bad. I cried.

My emotions were all over the place.

I didnt see her for long, we just didnt click.

I have had so many therapists in my lifetime. Idk.



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