Miracles that have happened to ME!

I have had many miracles happen in the 28 years i have been alive.

My Step Dad, was in the hopistal with mercer. The doctors said he had a 2% chance of living, but he did! He is now  64 and living life to the fullest.

My Mom had kidney and liver failure, she wasn’t suppose to live either. But she was tough, she fought and now she is doing GREAT!

My Dad divorced his 2nd wife who had made my life living hell. She would give me a ridicules list of chores i had to do every week, or i wasn’t allowed to see my Mom. I got no allowance and she favored my brother, her biological son.

Clozapine saved my life.

Its one of the strongest anti psychotics. It really, really helped me. I have been on over 13 medications then i found clozapine. I left psych ward #3 in a great space of mind. I didnt go back to the psych ward for 6 years!

Another miracle was when i attempted to poison myself.  i failed, thank god, and now the urge is gone!


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