Lost in my own World.

When i am in the car, my mind wanders. I dont drive so i get lost in my own world. I watch spirits in the sky, flying high.

I still get temptations to take the wheel and crash, but its not as much a concern as it used to be.

I just sit on my hands and turn up the music, I am getting good at it.

I haven’t talked about counting recently. But I still do it, its just not as obsessive.

I drive down the street we take everyday. I look out the windows and when we reach my tree friend, i hold my breath until we reach the Xing Turtle sign.

If i reach to 23 i gain a point. Almost every time except once, i won.

I have 37 points.

I use them as wishes.

Ex: I wish I could win a contest. It doesnt always work, but i still have that hope.


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