Triggering Story About Bleeding To Death. (fictional)

Lilly hears voices. They are not nice. They tell Lilly to do bad things. Lilly cant experience peace and quite, she is never alone.

One night Lilly was fast asleep. Her heart began to race. She shot up in bed, eyes wide. She climbed out of bed and tried to reach the sky. Her Grandma was reaching down from heaven.

“I cant reach!” Lilly extended her arm as far as she could.

Tears ran down her face, she was so upset. She couldnt reach!

Grandma’s face faded and she saw a star in the sky. It was a special star.

Lilly dropped to the floor and prayed for safety.

Jack, a voice in her head, started to chant. “You are a loser, a waste of space! Everybody hates you, just DIE!”

Lilly tiptoed downstairs. Her parents were asleep, it was late.

Lilly grabbed a steak knife from the kitchen drawer. She touched the knife’s tip to her chest and pushed, harder and harder! she felt the pain but didnt stop.

she looked down at her pink nighty as it quickly turned red. She was bleeding. She dropped the knife and fell to the floor.

SHe lay in a puddle of blood.

Her time was up and she flew to heaven. You know who was there to greet her in the entrance of heaven?



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