I gotta hide my feelings!!!

I dont like to worry people, ,especially my family. So i made a promise to NEVER cut again. Ever. Its gonna be tough, because i still get the urges. I cant though. I see how much it upsets people.

I am missing something in life. i am just not sure what it is. I wish i knew, so i could fix it.

I have a hole in my shirt right now. I can tell i am emotional, because i am crying over that tiny hole.

Tears run down my cheeks as i stick my finger in the hole. What happened? I take good care of my clothes.

The littlest things matter to me right now.

I feel terrible. I love my Mom. I love my Dad. i love my step parents and siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles.

I Dont want to disappoint anyone. SO i gotta hide it.

I just dont know how much i can take.


2 thoughts on “I gotta hide my feelings!!!

  1. blaine davidson says:

    for years i smoked with sz and i have tiny burn holes from ashes in almost everything i own. i bought some fabric paint and sealed some of the holes up with that. also, i have been doing a bit of embroidery lately and i thought you could sew a flower over the hole? xxb

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