Too much, too young!

Did I ever think I would be diagnosed with schizophrenia at the age 16? Heck no. I had never even heard of the word.

I had too much going on in life at such a young age. Voices, new meds, new school, first visits to psychiatric wards..

It was the worst year of my life.

My anxiety level was high and i didnt fit in at school. There were all sorts of rumors about me which didnt help.

I walked down the hallway trying not to cry. I got in trouble a lot. I was struggling mentally and emotionally, academically too actually.

My principal put a lock on my locker when i got suspended. Of course everyone saw it and wondered why there was only one locked locker.

That drove even more unwanted attention to me. Sigh.

It was the best day ever when i left that school and got enrolled into a therapeutic school.

i graduated in 2007 and still have my two bffs i made in 10th grade!!

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