I have TONS of fond memories! Not every memory has to do with psych wards and schizophrenia.

My Mom was a single Mom when she and my DAd first divorced when i was 4. We lived in a one room apartment down the road from my school.

In the winter, together we would sled down the apartments hills on card board boxes. It was a blast!!

Once went to NH with my DAd and his ex wife and my brother. One morning DAd woke me up to go to the board walk. JUST me and Him!! I felt so loved. I Didnt care where we went, just as long as it was just me and him.

I went to two proms! Jr and Senior. I loved dressing up, doing hair and makeup! I felt like a princess!

I have tons of fun birthdays!! Hotels, limos, white river rafting!! It was SO awesome!!

I love my life and wouldnt change it ever!



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