Anxiety: the WORST.

I have really bad anxiety, some days. Not every. But when i do, i hate it. I cant even go to my friends wedding because i fear panic attacks in large crowds.

When i went to the circus a few years ago, i got dizzy and had to leave.

I can only see first showing at the movie cinema. When there is hardly anyone there. But, in the movies, instead of enjoying the film, i count down minutes till its over.

I hate doing that because i just cant concentrate. I look at the time on my cell at least every 3 minuets.

Anxiety is the worst. THE WORST.

I dont want to get married. ever, thanks to anxiety. i hate attention.


2 thoughts on “Anxiety: the WORST.

  1. emmiejosie i think the way you are feeling is due to the haldol. i had the same feelings when i was on it. i am having really good times now on latuda, although the first year was very difficult. haldol is the cause of your anxiety i think, and it’s a bit dreamy that drug. i was on it for 5 years until a new doctor switched me to latuda. before that though, while i was still on haldol, she gave me wellbutrin, which did help take the edge off the haldol. haldol will make a person very subdued and maybe a bit more reliable, but the person will have anxiety and i also had lots of hallucinations from movies and television and music while on that drug. but i was able to function more and to think of practical things, my budget, and taking care of future matters, like i did a lot of research on disability and the implications of receiving it, because my brother has sz also, and i am kind of being given the responsibility of seeing that we are ok for the rest of our lives, after we lose our parents. so it was very somber that drug. i decided to take it for a while because the doctor said it would be the right one. i did my best with it. but latuda and wellbutrin is very good. xx!

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