I need to work on Math!

Today i am going to the library to print some math sheets to work on with my step Dad. I wanted to work on pre algebra, something i was never introduced to.

But that may be too hard.

i took a 5th grade test online and failed it. I feel so dumb. I am at an addition of fractions level.

It makes me a little mad that the therapeutics school i went to , didnt teach me enough. I mean coping skills are important, but so is academics.

If i went to a “normal” school, i would know some algebra.

So i gotta start off with 4th/5th grade math. If i get that, i will move up to 6th, 7th 8th…..



2 thoughts on “I need to work on Math!

  1. with algebra you just have to clear your mind and follow the steps. it’s very useful for figuring out an unknown sum. i thought you could try geometry, it is very easy to learn, measurements and angles. you could design a box or a table and learn almost everything you need to know – just to break up the lessons with something practical and easy and applicable. have fun with it emmiejosie, there are lots of things you can do with math in life. xx!

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