I have had many ups and downs in my lifetime. I won awards, i got suspended.

I think i have had more ups then downs though.

I had a pretty good childhood. I did hear voices, but they didnt really bother me until the age of 16.

age 16 was the lowest point i ever reached.

It seemed like everything bad, happened when i was 16.

voices, hallucinations suspensions, cutting, eating disorders, first time in a psych ward, first time on medications.

It was the worst year of my life.

All the other years, were a lot better!


2 thoughts on “Age 16: WORST YEAR OF MY LIFE!

  1. emmiejosie you have come such a long way, especially recently, with the way you are mastering your coping skills. i’m 52, and my therapist told me when i started with her in 2014, that my best years were yet to come. i totally didn’t believe that at all. i have to say though, really, i am actually happier than i ever knew i could be and i have a completely new life going on, which was totally unexpected. this is credit to a dear friend, who reentered my life with a lovely hi. so you know, really and truly life does get better, and if you research it, you will find medical reports that sz gets easier as you get older too. xx!

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