Being little was so much fun. I had quite the imagination that if i talked about at the age i am now, would it be considered hallucinations?

My mind has always been overactive. I had unicorn friends, friends with tree bark and dust particles.

I had a friend named Billy that would visit me at night. I had dreams of he and i running away together, into a world with no pain and violence.

I would wake up with a smile just thinking of him.

Billy went away, so did the unicorn friend, when i grew up.

My invisible friends were now living in my head. I could hear them, but i couldn’t see them. It was quite irritating.

I dont know if i like being an adult. It was so much easier being a carefree 9 year old.

I still have invisible friends but unfortunately are not as real as they used to feel..



  1. i really enjoyed my childhood in my own company too. but there are things about being an adult which make being a child now even more fantastic, like having my own money, being able to drive, being able to set my own waking and sleeping hours, not having to justify my activities to anyone, and also other improvements like my town has grown and it has the kind of stores i like, for making things, i can get supplies in town and i can afford them. i sense you find a kind of security in your youth and your memories of youth, and maybe that because of your illness you feel less secure because you are in a way more dependent. i encourage you to start living your life like your barbie doll, she has cute clothes and a car. 🙂

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