Evaluated and Admitted!

I sat in an empty room with staff while i got evaluated. It was a rough day for me. I had been seeing and hearing things nobody else could.

She had me fill out papers and asked what the voices were saying.

I dont know HOW people can tell when i am hallucinating.. i thought i hid it well, guess not.

After i did the evaluation, i sat there pinching my wrists until the lady came back and said i could be admitted.

I wave of relief went through my body. I really needed this program.

A staff went through my bags looking for sharps, there were none.

i got my own room downstairs the first two nights.

Then L said she had bad news, i was getting a roommate.

my roommate, snored. LOUD. i couldn’t sleep night #3.

so i got ear plugs, let me tell you, they were my bffs!!!


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