:D !! 10 out of 10

I asked my Mom to ask ME how i would rate my mood daily like they did in the program i was in.

Yesterday and today were both 10! Thats the best it can be!

I think i am cured. Maybe in my case, schizophrenia can be cured because i sure feel like it!

I am SO happy! I am in a great mood!

Great. Now i am a Tiny bit nervous that i just cursed myself. I cant be too happy because thats when bad things happen!


I Still feel happy.


One thought on “:D !! 10 out of 10

  1. I understand your reservations about certain heights of happiness, but i would encourage you to take happiness into your own hands by creating pleasant experiences for yourself, things that you can do for sure, that can be relied on, and that are not dependent on the caprices of a mood or a state of mind that you feel is unreliable. for myself, i always have something on hand for a nice treat like a coffee or some grapes, or a couple of dollars for a craft idea – macrame is very affordable, and i have a set of 32 watercolors that sells for 5 dollars at the store. i put the watercolors in my journals. these are things that i can do even if, or especially if, i feel the tide has turned and happiness is harder to sense. i have the feeling of accomplishment and also that i’m doing something that i love and that is not intellectually challenging either, something for pure pleasure. Certainly though, i understand. the i ching warns of myrth, to have happiness that stops short of myrth.

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