Im home! NO VOICES IN MY HEAD= pretty weird.

I just got home. I was in the program Riverside for 5 days. it was so nice. I got to relax and meet some really nice people. I slept, cooked, cleaned, watched friends and played games. i also colored.

I had a good time, except for two incidents.

One, I was seeing men with guns and ants everywhere. I saw dolphins bleeding HIV. I heard people swearing and yelling at me.

I saw bloody eye balls and finger nails being bent backwards.

The second incident had nothing to do with the voices. I was just dizzy. I couldnt feel my hands. They felt like they were not mine and they were cut off.

Overall it was nice. I hope to go again some day, but not anytime soon.

I am on a little higher dose of Haldol which helps with my voices,

My head is SO clear! I have no busy thoughts what so ever.

Its a little weird. I am used to a head FULL Of voices. But i think i could get used to this!!!


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