Elephant Blood.

What causes depression, when there is nothing to be depressed about? I guess its a chemical imbalance like schizophrenia.

I am having a really hard time lately. I cry a lot, i feel like self harming then an hour later, i am fine.

In order to be accepted into the inpaitnet program, i need to be evaluated. That always worries me.

I dont want to look dumb.

They ask me what the voices are telling me.

At this VERY moment, they are telling me to not drink blood from an elephant or my cousin will die.

Stupid stuff like that doesn’t concern me. Its when they tell me to cut or chock myself, or someone else, that, worries me.


2 thoughts on “Elephant Blood.

  1. walk past your voices as if they were a building site. a little noisy, but you keep going. worrying about it i think is too draining. start walking and keep going. don’t let sz detain you from your destination.

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