Here i am having a pretty good day. Music cheering me up, went for a walk. Then i go up to my room and the voices were no longer back ground noise.

Its like they want me to be miserable.

I never know with Jack, a voice in my head. One minute he’s my best friend telling me i could win an award.

then he is calling me a B***** and degrading me.

I challenged Jack today, which for some reason made me proud.

I lay in bed and just took all his mean thoughts. I said aloud “You cant hurt me” I said it 23 times. Unfortunately the voices were still there, but i felt a little better.

Then Nobody, another voice in my head, made me get up to get a tissue and rip it into 11 pieces and flush them down the toilet.

I tried challenging Nobody too, but he repeats himself. All i could hear was his annoying voice so i got out of bed to do the task he requested.



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