When i am having a psychotic episode, every time is different, yet the same.

I can ALWAYS tell when an episode is going to happen.

It always starts with those dang voices. They degrade and humiliate me!

I start to cry.

I go tell whatever parent or adult that is around, what is going on.

I start to cry harder and everything BLOWS up!

After the voices, i start seeing things that are not really there. I See dead people, needles in eyes, knifes in throats, men with guns, parachuting ants, spiders…

It. is. scary.

At the ER, they give me a shot which helps immediately.

at home its a bit harder, but what usually helps is taking my nighttime pills. Thats when i take Clozapine, a STRONG anti psychotic medication.

When i was younger, i had these episodes quite often.

Now not so much, but when i do, it SUX!



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