No Center of Hope..

So the lady from Center of Hope called, 45 minutes before our apt. She said i dont qualify. i am not physically handicapped, so i cant go.

I dont know WHY they didnt tell me that when i first met them. I mean its obvious i dont have a physical handicapped, why didnt they tell me.

I am. Upset. I have no other ideas what to do with my life.

I will just have to take it in my own hands…i will do some research at the library on my interests….weather, planets and dinosaurs.


2 thoughts on “No Center of Hope..

  1. Courtney Gallati says:

    I bet they’ll be begging for you when you’re famous one day. You blogging about your life probably makes some people feel amazing that others are struggling with the same thing. I admire you so much for being so strong.

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