Im pretty excited

i feel quiet today, been doing a lot of thinking.

I am more terrified of death then ever. I hate thinking, today could be my last day alive.

Its preventing me to enjoy life, which is too bad.

I know everyone says i can distract myself when i have those thoughts.

BUt what i really want, is a way to stop the thoughts before i think them.

Tomorrow i get a TB shot. I am going to start going to the Center of Hope part time.

Its a place for people with mental illness, like me, who can get out and do activities. One of the activities, is going to the animal shelter to play, clean and feed cats. Another activities is helping out at the local 4H.

I am so excited.

Now, how do i not think about death


One thought on “Im pretty excited

  1. To not think of death, accept death, and then give yourself a good bet that it won’t happen for some time, a long time. Think about what to do with that time – write, publish, get a driver’s license?, learn to cook, travel, enjoy your family and friends. I am really into setting goals. I make lists and I actually do achieve what I want most of the time. Then the challenge is to think of another goal. It is a nice challenge. As with your counting game, you could grant yourself wishes. Count yourself lucky!

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