Paranoid? Or just a worry wart?

I know i have paranoia schizophrenia, but how can i tell when I am paranoid or just a worry wart.

I worry my house will catch on fire when i am asleep and i wont wake up because of my heavy meds.

I worry walking alone because i dont wanna be kidnapped and raped.

I get nervous I will be stalked. I am very aware of my surroundings when i am out.

Like one day, a guy with red hair was following me, but was he really? i question my mind often.

I am still scared to shower cuz of the acid.



2 thoughts on “Paranoid? Or just a worry wart?

  1. You do worry, but those are real concerns and it’s good to be cautious. Paranoia is the guy with red hair probably, and certainly the acid in the shower. I’m so glad you are interested in distinguishing differences! Good luck! xxb

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