A little Dizzy.

I feel kinda weird right now. A little dizzy. My hands feel big. I feel small. The world seems huge.

I am listening to music and writing my story. Its about a Day in the Life of a Teen Mom with three kids.

I kinda want to chop my toe off.

I feel happy, yet sad.

I dont know, its just a weird day for me.

Plus i am scared to leave the house today. I had the opportunity but didnt. I have a bad feeling something might happen. so better safe then sorry.

My biggest fear i have these days, is the fear of being stuck in one spot. I mean, say there were two people standing nose to nose and they want to get by. but every time they take a step, they take the same step. and step back, same step. I am scared that will happen to me and will be stuck like that, FOREVER.



2 thoughts on “A little Dizzy.

  1. I think that these thoughts you are talking about are classified as obsessions. Maybe talk to your therapist about obsessions and obsessive thoughts, which are unpleasant recurring thoughts. xx!

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