I want to wear Barbie sneakers!!

I hate being an adult. Its depressing. I am not sure i even know how to be an adult. I am not very mature for my age.

I dont know how to pay bills. I dont know how to set up my meds. I cant drive. I dont have a job.

I have to worry about things i didnt when i was say, 11.

I want to wear my hair in pigtails and Barbie sneakers.

When i was little, i never thought about death, it seemed so far off

Now that i am 28, its ALL i think about it. At least 4 hours a day, i think of death. (not in a row)



2 thoughts on “I want to wear Barbie sneakers!!

  1. I went through phases like this too emmiejosie. I think it is your struggle for perspective, these thoughts. I bet you’ll soon be thinking of life. Maybe you can pick up a driver’s education book at the dmv office, just to know about it. Maybe you don’t know how to pay bills, but you can make a budget for yourself, including some savings… those two ideas are grown up but they are fun, too.

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