It started to hurt and i smiled!~

I climbed the stairs one by one till i reached the upstairs. I turned on my bedroom light. I heard Jack tell me to say Water Baby, 23 times.

So i did, before setting foot on the rug.

I walked in and felt a presence but nobody was there. I looked around. Nothing, i saw nothing.

I felt it though.

the back of my neck prickled.

I sat on the edge of my bed and dug my toe nail into the carpet. It started to hurt and i smiled.

I picked up my foot. I crossed my feet and had a flash back.



2 thoughts on “It started to hurt and i smiled!~

  1. I like these stories. i was struck by this one that you seem really normal in a lovely way, i don’t know whether that surprises you, and that you probably have so much in common with so many people, and that your attention to the smallest movements and moments is really interesting and commendable. really, well done. when i studied ballet when i was young, i used to love it when my foot was in pain. i knew i was really getting somewhere then. i looked forward to that pain because i could break through it and my balance and stamina would improve. i think young people investigate pain limits all the time if they like movement and they have the time and they are thoughtful and curious.

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