Monthly Blood Work~

I sat in the waiting room at the doctors office. I needed to get my monthly CBC blood work done for Clozapine.

I filled out the usual paper work and signed my name on the line.

I sat on the hard purple chair waiting for Mandy to call my name. She is the usual phlebotomist.

“Emmie” She called. I stood up and walked to her on my tippy toes.

I Sat in the chair, and she asked me my date of birth.

“9-23-88” i said.

“Please dont forget to count to three and use the butterfly needle” I said.

“Of course, anything for you my dear” Mandy wrapped the thing around my arm and counted to three. It didnt hurt. never does,

She only needed 1 vile this time.

She put on my band aid.

“Do i get a sticker?” i asked,

“Yep!” She handed me a Princess sticker.

“Bye Mandy” i waved.

“Bye EM”


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