IQ test.

Today is a better day then yesterday. I slept in late, it felt so good, i didnt want to wake up!

I did a bunch of writing on my story. I got to page 8 and got bored and started another, thats my biggest writing problem. i never finish a story! i have thousands of stories started but not completed.

It was a rainy, damp day, so i stayed home. I watched Teen Mom 2 and did some chores.

overall, good day.

Tomorrow i am going to the Center of Hope with my DMH worker. We will figure out if i can get some benefits and get some therapy there, or something like that, not sure.

I tried to take an IQ test online. i got to question 4 and realized i had no clue how to answer them. I felt stupid.

oh well.



2 thoughts on “IQ test.

  1. don’t worry about iq tests. you know you’re smart. take personality tests, the what color am i tests are fun, and also the meyer’s briggs test is very good, it’s like a portrait of you and your interests. 🙂 xxb

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