How do i deal with this feeling?

I feel so bad right now. I missed my Mom and Step Dad terribly while visiting my aunt. I came home happy and smiling. They let me show them all the new clothes auntie bought me. They made me a wonderful dinner!

Now, its 5:00 pm and i am getting depressed. I feel guilty. Who would want a depressed daughter.

I feel so low and alone.

I love my family and dont want to be anywhere but with them. It just sucks. I hate feeling this way!!

I dont know how to deal with it..


2 thoughts on “How do i deal with this feeling?

  1. First be glad that you are with family now. Enjoy it! Second, try to appreciate the phenomenon of passing time with people, any people. It is a remarkable occasion, to be with people and to have your scenery change. Impermanence is a fact of life, but it can be entertaining and even exciting as long as we are talking about spending time with people. Impermanence when it is loss will hurt at first, but the legacy of the good memories and feelings will be with you as you go forward in life. Everyone is wishing you well. xxb!

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