Drug Paraphernalia, WHO ME??

After i got suspended for Drug paraphernalia, I couldn’t look my principal in the eye. I was embarrassed. What he didnt know, was it wasn’t drugs in that little baggy. I even passed the drug test they did on me. I walked down the hall 1 week once i was welcomed back and my shirt was too short showing my tummy. That was against the school’s dress code. My principal saw my belly and angrily told me to meet him in his office, so i did. I got detention and was told i couldn’t wear jeans for one week as a punishment. I felt like i was being watched more then all the other students.

My feelings came true. I went to ask my History teacher a question but he wasnt in the room. So i waited. I glanced at a paper on his desk and saw my name.

It was a letter from my guidance counselor telling all teachers to keep an eye on my mood and actions.

They all thought i was drugs because i was always hyper and yet in a daze. I wasnt!

I think it was my new medication because all this happened about a month after i was started on Paxil.

I felt so lonely and different from my peers. I felt like an outcast.

The best day ever was when i was pulled out of that school and enrolled into a therapeutic school.


2 thoughts on “Drug Paraphernalia, WHO ME??

  1. emmiejosie what would you like people to notice you for? i’m just wondering and you talk a lot about times you feel maltreated or misunderstood. i thought it might be interesting to clarify what you would like people to notice and feel about you, and how youwould like to be treated. just a thought. xx!

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