I was in the ER, not off to Cali!~

Every time i am loaded into an ambulance and shipped off to the ER, i have similar issues each time.

The reason Mom calls 911, is because i am hallucinating so bad that she cant help but call for help.

The EMT come and i am crying. I dont want to be strapped down to the stretcher.

BUt i am. I get into the back of the ambulance with an EMT Or Two. I keep seeing dead people, people who have died IN THAT AMBULANCE, on the ceilings. Kind of like when i see spirits in the sky.

But these people are more detailed.

I reach to hold their hands but i cant move. I try to unbuckle but i cant. I am crying, screaming and sweating.

One time, i remember i thought they were bringing me to California. It calmed me down until i realized, i was in the ER, not on my way to Cali.



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