Short attention span

I hate when i am doing one thing, like reading. THen my mind tells me I must take a walk. BUT< i have to have water, i have to clean my room, i have to call dad, i must squish an ant, i have to text antie, i gotta check the mail, its time for a bath..

I was reading a good book and when i thought an hour was up, i stopped. Even though i wanted to continue, i just couldn’t. i literally couldn’t. i tried, and failed.

My mind is always SO busy and i hate it, I hate sleeping and i hate night time. i hate having such a short attention span too. SIgh.

2 thoughts on “Short attention span

  1. ej I have had attention span problems too. i now read just one chapter at a sitting. it’s all i can pay attention to. but i have like seven books at once, so one chapter of each one a day. it really works for me and i’m getting a lot out of this system – it’s all self help books, easy to read and not fiction where you really have to remember characters and actions and so on, just to clarify. so maybe try just one chapter of your book, followed by a walk if the idea occurs, or if you want to make it a regular thing to walk. i do. keep your paper and pen handy to take notes on the ideas you get of what to do, then you can do them at your own pace and timing, if you want. good luck! xxb

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