Daddy, please save me !!

Jack, one of the voices in my head, wants me to be miserable! He literally told me that. So much for being my friend.

So i am being forced to listen to White Houses by Vanessa Carlton 13 times. Thats the song i listened to, 13 times, on the way to my first visit to a psych ward.

It makes me sad because of that. when ever i hear that song i get flash backs of the past.

I was in the car off to Arbor Fuller Psych Ward. I had my Grover stuffed animal in hand and a bag of clothes packed beside me. I had head phones in and listened to White Houses over and over, 13 times.

By then we arrived. I was so excited. We got buzzed in, i was like “oh fancy!” Then my Dad and i were led down the hall to an office where they checked my bags and made me take off shoe laces and jewelry.

My enthusiasm lowered quickly. I really had not expected this.

When my Dad had to leave that was the worst part. I pressed my nose up against the plastic window and cried. I saw him cross the parking lot.

“Daddy, save me” i whispered/


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