Suicide is not an option.

I cant honestly say i have never thought about committing suicide. Times around the age 16-17, I was hearing voices most of the day and night. They told me to cut myself, even when i didnt want to.

Some nights i couldnt sleep. I would wrap my hands around my neck and squeeze. my face felt hot and i didnt breathe.

THen i had second thoughts and let go. I took a breath of relief.

in 10th grade, i attempted to eat anti bacterial soap trying to poison myself. Nothing happened and i was relieved.

I never Over dosed, but i sure considered it several times in my life.

When i have hard times, I am not good at coping. I either cut or throw up. BUT. >After years and years of therapy, i am finally starting to learn.

I had several hard nights this month with the voices, but, i did NOT cut, i did NOT puke! THats an improvement for me and I am proud of myself.


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