I take 21 pills a DAY

I take meds three times a day. I take 4 pills at 7:30 am, 3 pills at 3:00 pm and 14 pills at 9:00 pm.

They are prescribed for several issues including, anxiety, schizophrenia, OCD and depression.

The side effects are: weight gain, slurred speech, sensitivity to the sun, drooling, headaches and irregular heartbeat.

having an irregular heartbeat can be really scary. I get random palpitations. I feel like i am having a heart attack.

Drooling is embarrassing.

Weight gain sux.

When i speak people say i have to repeat myself because i slur.

I often consider going off my medication, but my Dr and parents say i shouldn’t, or, i will end up back in the psych ward…my favorite place. (not)


2 thoughts on “I take 21 pills a DAY

  1. ej i was in that condition for about five years, it was from jan 2010 to like 2015 spring, when my dr suggested for the second time that i switch from haldol to latuda. just trying to encourage you and to remind you that new drugs are coming all the time. maybe ask about the latuda because it doesn’t have weight gain as a side effect. i’m even able to try and work though i havent’ earned any money yet. people would not know i have sz unless i tell them, and nowadays i don’t feel it’s necessary to offer that explanation to anyone. even if latuda is not what your dr thinks is right, just keep doing as you are doing, keep writing keep trying. you are really impressive with your efforts and i think things will eventually get easier for you. i’m 52, and though last year for some unknown reason was hard for me with my sz, since last october i have been improving and now i feel better than ever before! it can get better. love you xx!

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