Mother of a schizophrenic

I stood there watching my daughter in a psychotic state. She was not the little girl i knew. SHe was pacing and crying and screaming. She was throwing stuff and sweating.

“Emily, how can i help you?” i asked.

“Call 911” Bob said. SO i dialed 911 with shaking hands. I told the person on the phone our address.

We tried to calm Emily down but she was too out there..

the EMT arrived, there were two men and a woman.

“Emily, can you listen to me!?” One of the men said. Emily had no clue where she was and what was going on.

“SIT DOWN” He demanded.

“Your mean” EMily sobbed.

The EMT softened.

“We are just here to help” he said softly. She sat with her knees bobbing wildly.

They took her and lifted her onto the stretcher and into the ambulance.

My little girl was off to the ER. I knew in my heart she was not coming home that night, i just knew she was going to be admitted into the psych ward, again.

I was alone, my husband rode in the ambulance with Emily.

I started to cry. “Lord, what did she do to deserve this” I sobbed.

I was right. I got a call around 2:30 am saying Emily was being admitted into the psych ward right then.

It was her 12th time in 10 years.

I went to bed, my husband got home and we cried together. The house seemed empty.


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