I was in the ICU, naked and alone…

“I dont wanna go to the hopistal, PLEASE!!” i begged as the EMT strapped me into the stretcher.

“We are going to get you help honey” The EMT said.

” I DONT NEED HELP” I screamed as i thrashed around. I couldnt move the straps were too tight. My teeth were chattering, i was freezing.

They shut the ambulance’s door and off to the ER.

I screamed so loud an got one of my hands free. i hit the EMT as hard as i could. He tried to take my BP but i refused. There were spiders, ants and ladybugs ALL Over the ceiling. I was so frightened.

We finally reached the ER> My step Dad met us there. I was sweating and hyperventilating.

i got a private room. They moved me from the stretcher to a bed. I tried to escape. All the sudden, 4 BIG men, restraint me and tied me into the chair. my wrists were tied so tightly it hurt so bad!

i cried and cried.

FINALLY, they gave me my shot and i fell asleep.

i woke up later in the ICU. I had on no clothes, just a blue jonnie. I couldnt sit up or talk. i fell back to sleep. All i remember from that day, was i was naked and there was a man dressed in white watching me.

Scariest night of my life.

after 1 day, i was on a new med and moved to the hopistal’s psychiatric ward.

i spent 7 days there and was discharged.

I dont think i was there long enough because i was admitted again just a few short months later.


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