No knifes for Emmie!

I keep having flash backs of being in psych wards at nighttime.

I often wake up confused where i am. it takes like 8 seconds to realize i am home.

I have been locked up 12 times in my life. Each time is different and i am used to them by now. Its not scary to me anymore. The psychiatric ward I go to is a nice facility. I always get a single room. THe staff are really nice.

They trust us with jewelry and shoe laces.

One time, i was feeling depressed and wanted to cut. So i saved my knife from lunch and hid it under my mattress.

It was after a few hours, Dwayne came in and asked if i had the knife. I lied and said no. So he searched my room and found it. I was so upset and so was he.

I wasn’t allowed to use knifes after that day. Pat said the day i get the knife back will be when i am discharged.


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